being a- cinematographer

We have to admit that this post has very little to do with Final Cut Pro. However, this Vimeo video has had us chuckling in the office this morning so we thought we would share.

We are editors, so it's our job to moan. Something isn't shot right, where are the cutaways? Is that really the best track of audio? Why do we moan? Because we end up with everybody else's problems to fix after they have walked away from after completing their part of the job.

So a great excuse for us who don't see the daylight much to have a laugh at a cameraperson or a 'cinematographer's' expense. 

This short video from Adam Khamis is probably going to be the best two minutes of your viewing day. Enjoy.

(We are sure an editor one will appear from somewhere.)


The plot thickens. It looks like the video above has been (erhem) 'modified' from the original below. How long the humorous version will last on Vimeo who knows, so enjoy it whilst you can!