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TOPIC: Internships, or those "word of mouth" jobs that are too small to advertise...

Internships, or those "word of mouth" jobs that are too small to advertise... 13 Feb 2014 13:12 #41072

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Hi All.

I post this as I am finding it impossible as an older person, to "break" into the industry as a video editor, the biggest issue is experience, you need to work to get the experience, and you need the experience to find work, a simple catch 22 situation.

I know that there are jobs, word of mouth situations that might just be a way forward, the situation is simple, I have a retina macbookpro, with FCP X 10.1.1, and I love it, and NO I do not have NON-LINEAR experience, I last worked professionally in 2009 using DVCPRO tape based systems.

TV news is all I know, all I was exposed to, look I do not do social very well, moderate to severe Aspergers, I simply have to avoid social interaction, that is why I gravitated towards editing, dark rooms, being creative, the rush of deadlines, being part but not part of a team, I thrived, then something happened, the wheels fell off..

So now a few years have passed, I am all better, rearing to go, with the shiny new Mac laptop, brand new understanding of editing, seeing the huge potential in FCP X< no one wants me, no matter how hard I try, I am simply unemployable.

I do not have a money tree, no work=no money, no money=no equipment, no money=no chance to study at the world famous degree mill of choice... A 5 minute google search will list thousands of jobs, number 1 on the list of requirements :Degree....Along with the standard 5 years and 20 NLE systems, as well as being able to shoot/graphics/ENG truck...Replace all the hardware, including the engine if need be..

OK maybe the engine was a bit much, the point is much of the long laundry list of essential skills are easily obtained through on the job training or experience.

I cannot tell you how much I love editing, nothing else matters, nor am I any good at the rest, a disability prevents me from carrying tons of gear, or from walking/running...IE I am not a runner.. All I can do is edit...At this point I guess I am not all that great with NLE, I did spend 12 years as a TV news video editor for a national broadcaster, that has to count for something.

In many ways I am the perfect employee.. Loyal and dedicated, not going to cause trouble, I hate doing crap work, would rather not do it, than hand over rubbish, I am at times hard on myself, as I hate making mistakes, I want to learn so much more....

I am at this point in the port city of Durban, on the east cost of South Africa... I have a British Passport, so travel is not a problem, funds are, and I am not asking for money, get that clear, all I am asking for is a fair shake..a helping hand to get me back on my feet....

Maybe there is an internship that accepts out of country residents, or maybe if not, could be persuaded to consider me...just a thought...
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