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TOPIC: After export a hum appears..

After export a hum appears.. 10 Aug 2017 15:54 #89831

  • mrrhonest
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Hello, guys) The original media is good and during the "project-status" is okay. And after the exporting (via apple devices or master file or youtube) - the hum appears, that really not let watch the video without blooding ears. Quality is the highest, version 10.3.2. What problem could be here? Help, pls :unsure:
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After export a hum appears.. 11 Aug 2017 06:24 #89839

  • Tom Wolsky
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Trying updating to 10.3.4.
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After export a hum appears.. 11 Aug 2017 10:14 #89844

  • VidGreg
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Hi Honest
Welcome to the forums.
Keeping up to date is mostly a good idea, I like to wait a little while before going to new releases. Tom I don't remember audio hum being an issue with 10.3.2?? Still using it and haven't had issue.
Some other things to check.
Check your cables if using external drives. Sometimes a bad cable or having USB3 devices or their cables close together can cause issues and interfere with wifi/blu tooth as well. Try swapping cables if exporting to a separate external device.
Audio issues could also appear when making SD files if you had super saturated blacks and whites but AFAIK this was only for DVDs. Wouldn't hurt to check your project on the video scopes and make sure everything is within "Broadcast Safe" ranges.
While going through your project, go clip by clip while checking your audio inspector pane and make sure you haven't accidentally added extra hum removals, gain effects, or something else. While doing this, bring up the equalizer pane and click on the "Analyze" button and watch your waveforms, something might show up.
Make sure you don't have some other apps running that might be intercepting the output or audio like Soundflower.
Delete your rendered files and re-render.
Finally you can try moving your project to a different user account and see if you can export cleanly from there.
Let us know what you find out or if the problem doesn't go away.

Hope this helps, Greg
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After export a hum appears.. 17 Aug 2017 10:55 #89945

What kind of hum??

I doubt it would have anything to do with earthing issues, not unless you're exporting to analogue, retro style. Some issues can be caused if the audio clock isn't synced, but that required several pieces of digital equipment.

It is possible that what you are previewing it in is trying to set a deference clock rate to FCPX, if it's still running in the background. This has been known to cause clicking and/or humming.
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