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TOPIC: A-Ha "Take On Me"

A-Ha "Take On Me" 28 Jan 2019 17:45 #98694

I teach Video production at a high school and we've been tasked with recreating a parody of the Take On Me video, to be projected on stage during a live musical performance. I have some ideas and experimented with FCPX's latest cartoon effects to replicate the rotoscoped hand drawn cartoon effect used in the original (we're on limited time and man power so I'm satisfied with the look using built in effects). We're planning to utilize chromakeying especially when we plan to have a mix of both animation and real life subjects interacting with each other. My question is how to recreate the iconic scene where one animated character is on one side of a window while the other character is on the other side of the window but not animated? Any suggestions on achieving this look. I'm pasting a link below to the original video (specifically 1:22 - 1:44). Thanks for any thoughts!
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A-Ha "Take On Me" 29 Jan 2019 07:58 #98711

Welcome, Jeremy. to fcp.co :)

this is roto too, imagine two layers of the video stacked upon each other: one is the processed/toonished version, the other the original version underneath of if. Now, putting a mask of he top layer, 'stamping' a hole into the frame - tadahh!, mix of real ./. effected.

To illustrate…:


for sure a painstaking process, adjusting the mask every frame (or less, depending on 'action'… if you have a budget (our school hasn't LOL), have a look at the X-tools from coremelt, which allow to auto-track parts of the frame and apply effects only to that. (SliceX for example)
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