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TOPIC: Tracking Lines

Tracking Lines 20 May 2019 03:11 #99984

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After trying countless tracking plugins, callouts, keyframing I have given up on what appears to be a simple effect many people employ in final cut. The effect in questions is:

(3:05-3:21; 4:44-4:52) I am trying to emulate this type of effect where the lines are able to move in motion with the body for sports, like slow-mo jumping in basketball. I see this effect a lot as well in short fitness instagram where people try to demonstrate the proper form and movement of a particular muscle group.

I can tell that the text in the video appear to be callout plugins with built in trackers. But the lines and the way they conform to the body movement is something I cannot do and it's frustrating me since I see this everywhere but can't find an explanation on it.

Can anyone please assist, either through a short video or explanation? As frustrating as it has been, I am also fascinated by video editing and find this to be very fun. But I've finally hit my first wall in trying to complete a certain task. If more explanation or examples are need, I'd be happy to provide! Much appreciated!!
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Tracking Lines 20 May 2019 08:26 #99986

Welcome Nate to fcp.co :)

… dare to say, the lines in your example are not tracked, but, simple craftsmanship, manually key-framed.
For such short and little complex effects, a 5,6,7 clicks 'n drags are faster than any elaborated 'automatism'..... I'd say.

For frequent use of such a 'stickman', one could consider to create a nice Generator in Motion5, incl. handy OnScreenControls…
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