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TOPIC: TwitterQuote

TwitterQuote 18 Aug 2017 18:13 #89977

Wow, Karsten going commercial!

This is TwitterQuote, a plugin to create the actually so fancy highlights with … hmm Twitter.


The video shows its usage: apply generator to project, drag screen-grab into Dropzone, use two OSCs to blur the rest … includes a keyframe-able zoom effect, so highly customisable for your needs.

Price-tag: 5€, dare to say, this is a fair price.
… I will continue to offer free plug-ins, don’t worry.

Link to my sellfy site >>click

Soon to come, for $$$: k’s Soccer Package! (Ja, ja, ‘football’, ‘soccer’, I know :silly: …)
Soon to come, for free: How to drill holes thru living humans! (A must for every editor)
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