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TOPIC: Obstacle_Wipe /something crossed the camera…

Obstacle_Wipe /something crossed the camera… 02 Sep 2016 08:11 #79585

// dl, unzip, and drag into ~Movies/Motion Templates/Transitions //

This topic brought up the idea of a very simple transition:

The edit point gets covered by 'something', swooshing across the lense, from l/r or r/l.

Nothing fancy when applied to any two clips, but when you record clipA with a pan to the right, and clipB with a pan from the left, and apply this Transition - it creates an 'invisible cut'...

Little to adjust:


you can set the amount of blur of the obstacle, and its direction, from left to right or vice versa.

Speed is, as any transition, determined by length: just grab'n drag the border of the transition.

Enjoy Movie Making! :)
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