How The Most Popular Music Video In History Was Shot In One Day And Edited With Final Cut Pro X In A Small Boutique Studio In Miami.

The catchy Reggaeton pop song ‘Despacito’ by Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi and rapper Daddy Yankee was the inescapable Summer Hit of 2017. Just 6 months after it was released it became the most streamed song in history, with 4.6 billion plays across all streaming services. It reached No. 1 on Billboard’s Top 100 and stayed at that place for 16 weeks. The song topped the charts of 47 countries and reached the top 10 of ten others.

We love to test hardware and software here at So when a new backlit Astra Final Cut Pro X keyboard from Logickeyboard arrived, it didn't stay in the box for long.

Later on in the day (for those of us on the east of the puddle) we will see the availability of the latest macOS High Sierra. We all like upgrades, are there any things we should know first? (Slight hint-yes)

Will the Kaby Lake version of the new MacBook Pro impress the editor of the site enough to get the company credit card out? Will FCPX get a performance boost? You will have to read to find out!

**Winner announced!**

We are very excited to announce that as per the previous years, the organisers of the 2017 Final Cut Pro X Creative Summit have very kindly helped us organise a free draw for an event pass. Checkout the video between Peter Wiggins and Jeff Greenberg where they detail the draw and talk much more about FCPX. Grab a coffee (or beer!)

We have mentioned Worx4 X on here before, but this example should give you an indication of why this app for Final Cut Pro X (now priced at $44.99) can pay for itself with a click

We will waste no time and post part two of Jonathon Williams' popular article on shooting and editing (on FCPX of course!) a daily blog during the Red Bull X-Alps race.

Would Final Cut Pro X be up to producing a daily Vlog following a participant on the Red Bull X-Alps adventure race? In the first of this two part article, Jonathon Williams tells us his story of how he, his camera kit and his NLE coped with such a grueling task.

The community behind FCPX is like no other NLE. An example of this is the help filmmaker Emmanuel Tenenbaum received when editing his short film 'Sans Plomb.' The film has just been awarded a Staff Pick on Vimeo to go along with its many film festival showings.

Two great videos from the recent LACPUG. Philip Hodgets demos FindrCat with Final Cut Pro X and Lawrence Jordan & Richard Sanchez preview their new assistant editor training course.

Need to get a lot of still images from moving media? One of the spinoffs from using a DAM is the ability to easily process such time consuming tasks. Georgia Dawson looks at how Kyno helps streamline that process. Kyno has had an update to 1.3 and is on sale too! for us has been a revelation. Every client we have shown it to has commented that the online service is a very easy and professional way of sharing video work. So when there's an opportunity to hear the founder of Emery Wells talk, we had to listen. 

Thinking of buying a new large or widescreen monitor to go with your new MacBook Pro? Then this article is a must read- not only great advice, but Brian might save you money as well.