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A bunch of new plugins have been released with the latest update to FxFactory from Noise Industries. New plugins from Ripple, Luca, SquidFX, Tokyo, an update from PHYX and a freebie.

More plugins to add to the FCPX ecosystem this morning in this large update of FxFactory from Noise Industries. We think we can confidently say now that there have been more plugins published for FCPX than days in the year!

Let's take a look through the new products.

Ripple Tools is a $29 pack of 12 title effect plugins that perform often needed tasks in editing. Add split screens, 8 or 16 point mattes, adjustment layers, move video in 3D space, guides for lining up items onscreen and vintage looks to name a few.



Lo-Fi Look is a new $29 vintage looks plugin from Luca Visual FX. Should you want to create a moody, surreal or sinister atmosphere then Lo-Fi looks like grunging up video nicely.


Borders is a $49 plugin from new partner company SquidFX. It does exactly was it says on the tin by adding custom borders to video or photos. There are 27 presets in the pack, but with many custom controls it looks like many more variations can be created.


Next up is PiPinator, a $49 set of plugins from Tokyo that automate the creation and aniamtion of picture in picture effects. (Hence the name) We mentioned this back in December, but the set of plugins has now been added to the FxFactory installer.

The extra news is that Tokyo have published a free edition of Pipinator for users to download and use without any restriction.


Last but not least is an update to PHYX Keyer which now puts it to version 4. Priced at $199 it provides very accurate keying tools including despill, a diffence keyer, lightwrap, screen correction and more. The demo video hasn't been updated since version 2, but the quality of finished keyed results is still the same.