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pixelfim 3 new- plugins jan

They are coming thick and fast from Pixel Film Studios. In the last week they have launched three new FCPX plugins called Produb, Prosnow and Proframe.

Pixel Film Studios have kept up their amazing pace of plugin releases with three new products. At this rate we are going to need a bigger browser!

Hot of the press or indeed out of Motion is PRODUB, a $49.95 FCPX plugin discounted down to $29.95 that creates effects made popular by electronic or dubstep music videos. The plugin is designed to animate footage to a user set BPM so that flashes, mirrors, strobes and other effects don't have to be animated by hand.


Slightly ironic that in a couple of hours we are expecting a big dump of snow on the FCP.co campus yet we are talking here about a plugin that will add snow! PROSNOW is again discounted down to $29.95 and adds a choice of 30 real snow composites to footage. No word on whether PROSLUSH is in development.


Last up is PROFRAME which adds a realistic frame or border to footage. There are over 45 unique frames in the package which sells for $29.95.