freeeffectfriday fcpx

Idustrial Revolution started the ball rolling this morning with the simpler hashtag #freeeffectfriday. As everybody loves free plugin effects for Final Cut Pro X, we thought that we would carry the thought on. Lots to download!

A bumper round of free FCPX plugins for you for a Friday, well it is #freeeffectfriday after all!

Idustrial Revolution has just released two new free plugins for FCPX.

The first is called Flare Lights, it's a filter plugin that produces adjustable light streaks from the highlights on video. An on screen control gives access to the flare length and direction. More parameters in the inspector include the threshold for clipping, smoothness and the colour of the streaks. Go easy on the Star Trek look!


Also from Idustrial Revolution is Glow Darks. This effect plugin isolates low luminance within video and then applies a fully adjustable dark glow to the area. Exactly like the built in glow, but for darks. Uses for the plugin include adding 'some punch' to thin video without having to crush the blacks or alter the exposure curve. It can also help reduce noise in the blacks or be tweaked up to give a very stylised 'dark' look.

Both new free FCPX plugins from Idustrial Revolution use the Motion Template Tool for installation. 


Next is a free pack of matte wipe transitions from Tangent FX. Called Matte Pack 01, there's 16 unique matte wipe styles with variable delay and echo. Simple, elegant and of course free!


Lastly we have a new free effect from Fox Mahoney. Called Spirotechnics, the generator plugin is a collection of pattens that draw on the screen. As Fox states, the timing with Mark Spencer's Siprograph tutorial is completely coincidental and the method used for the drawing is completely different. (Oscillator anybody?)