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A couple of new FCPX plugins from the FxFactory stable. Steps from Ripple Training lets you animate through stages in a process and Stupid Raisins has released a pack of titles called Lower Pop.

Ripple training has just released Steps, no not the terrible pop group from the 90's, but a collection of 12 transition plugins for Final Cut Pro X that help animate through a process.

The $49 plugin which is currently reduced down to $29 until the 3rd of September, can show either a linear process or a cycle. As you would expect, the plugin is very customisable so it would be easy to match colours if you are working for a corporate client


As Steps is distributed through the plugin management system FxFactory, Noise Industries has also published this tutorial that shows using Steps in a mock 'seasons' timeline.


Dylan Higginbotham from Stupid Raisins has released Lower Pop. It's a collection of 20 lower third title plugins or name supers for FCPX. Priced at $49 these have been professionally designed and again feature a high level of customisation.


There is also a tutorial from Noise Industries.

Both plugins feature a free watermarked trial so that you can try them out for free.