10 3 master list

We thought we would get all the news on the new Final Cut Pro X 10.3 and the new Macs  and put it all in one handy place. We have done all the hard work for you!

There are now many, many sources of news about Apple and of course Final Cut Pro X. Things move fast, so we thought a centralised list of everything published would be a good idea!


Apple Presentation 27th October 2016

Watch the Special Event October 2016 Keynote


Apple- What is new on Final Cut Pro X 10.3

Apple Help - Final Cut Pro X Help - LOTS of info in there

Apple Help  - What is new in 10.3 

FCPX 10.3 First Look from Charlie Austin

10.3 in action with Thomas Grove Carter

Top 10.3 features in the new Final Cut Pro X from Thomas Carter on YouTube

An introduction to 10.3 from Ripple Training on YouTube

Larry Jordan takes a look at the new Final Cut Pro 10.3

FCPX Guru: Audio Roles in FCPX

In the Socks of FCPX  PDF Final Cut Pro X.3 New Features($7)

Scott Simmons first look at Final Cut Pro X 10.3


Motion 5.3

Apple Motion 5.3 Help


Compressor 4.3

Apple Compressor 4.3 Help



Download the Final Cut Pro User Guide on iBooks

Download the Motion User Guide on iBooks

Download the Compressor User Guide on iBooks


White Papers 

Apple: Understanding Audio Roles in Final Cut Pro X

Apple: How updating a library for Final Cut Pro X 10.3 can affect your audio

Apple: Working with Wide Color Gamut in Final Cut Pro X

Apple: Managing Media with Final Cut Pro X Libraries



A more considered look at he new MacBook Pro by Macdaddy  (A must read)

MacBook Pro Storage Solutions for Final Cut Pro X 10.3

CNET interviews Phil Schiller 'Does the Mac Still Matter?' (Great graphics & photos)


Press Releases

Apple Unveils Groundbreaking New MacBook Pro

Apple Releases Significant Update to Final Cut Pro X

Apple Unveils New TV App for Apple TV, iPhone & iPad


Please add any more in the comments and we will add them above!