skippor fcpx effects

We always like to see the Final Cut Pro X ecosystem expanding, this time we welcome new plugin maker Skippor from Denmark. Two new plugins and a freebie in there too.

The video editing world and its ecosystem are expanding, there have never been so many plugin writers and designers producing content for FCP. New to the market is Skippor, a Danish operation who launch with two $10 plugins and a tilt shift freebie too.

The first plugin is 'Frame' which by the title you can probably work out that it adds frames to video. The $10 plugin gives you 8 different looking frame effects that work with dropzones on your FCPX timeline.


Next up is 'Mirror' which does a pretty good job of mirroring video and is also $10.

'Skippor's Mirror gives you the awesome mirror effect often used in fancy ads and top hit music videos. Remember math lessons back in primary school when trying to flip objects in graphs and small mirrors? Same thing!

Pro-look and simplicity are Skippor key words when creating templates and effects for you and Mirror is no exception. Simply drag and drop any kind of footage onto one or all of the 8 different mirror effects in this bundle and it will do the rest for you. In addition, you have the opportunity to add your own personal touch by moving, scaling and rotating your video.'


Finally Skippor have a free tilt/shift filter called 'Minature' that is a free download. 

'Skippor's Miniature is an easy way to add a miniature - or so called ”Diorama Effect" to your footage. Drop your footage onto the effect and customize the blur areas and amount of blur as it fits your footage.

Bluring parts of the footage simulates the shallow depth of field, normally encountered in the close-up footage, making the footage seem much smaller than it actually is.'



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