sheffield artitude

A new plugin from Sheffield Softworks that emulates various art styles from van Gogh to graphic novels. They also have the scariest icon of any plugin out there!

spectre spectrograph fcpx

A new partnership for Crumplepop and a new plugin. This time an audio analysis tool called Spectre Spectrograph. We also have a $40 off coupon code for one week only!

badges smash

A couple of new plugins for Final Cut Pro X in the last 48 hours. A collection of celebrational badges and a smashing (quite literally) new theme.

oct apple event

We were not really interested in the new iPad Air or paying with a thumbprint, but Apple's presentation brought a stunning new 5K screened iMac, an updated Mac mini and the release of the new OS Yosemite.

motionvfx update oct

Two pieces of news from MotionVFX. The first is an update to mObject that gives new functionality and a large speed bump, the second is a new plugin that reproduces organic chromatic aberrations.

focus feature fcpx

It's no secret now that the first major Hollywood studio feature film cut on FCPX is Focus staring Will Smith and Margot Robbie. Warner Brothers has just published the first trailer for the film and it looks pretty cool.

october plugin roundup

It has been a while since we have done a FCPX plugin roundup, so here are all the new plugin products from different developers that have been released over the last few weeks. There's a 25% off coupon code in there too!

koji crumplepop fcpx

Crumplepop has teamed up with film industry veteran Dale Grahn to produce a range of cross-platform plugins that produce highly accurate 35mm film colour emulation. They are called Koji.

focalpoint server fcpx

FocalPoint Server allows FCPX libraries to be shared and managed within workgroups. One large step to making collaborative workflow easier.

mike matzdorf feature fcpx

At the recent Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group, Mike Matzdorff presented his experiences of being an assistant editor on a major Hollywood film post produced on Final Cut Pro X.

vizrt metagraphics ibc

UPDATED the MXF plugin is now available for $99.

What on earth are 'meta graphics?' Well, up until this morning we didn't know about them either! A new demo video from IBC will explain...

apps videoApple fcpx

The App Store will begin to accept videos to demo games or applications and these visual references will be the first media that potential buyers see when browsing the store. Apple has published an article with best practices on how to record your iPhone screen and then edit in FCPX. Some Final Cut Pro X knowledge base articles get an update too.

vizrt mxf plugin

UPDATED with availability and rough price positioning

A great spot by @Fleak - Viz has announced an MXF playback plugin for Final Cut Pro X. Lots of different files supported.