So you just finished your first FCPX job and you need to send the audio off for mixing in a plush suite with all those faders that move up and down when nobody touches them. Automatic Duck have released an update to Pro Export FCP to help you get the files and data out.


There can't be many people in this industry that failed to notice Final Cut Pro X was released today. We thought that we would take a look at the better articles and videos that have been posted.


FCP7 is dead, long live FCPX! Final Cut Pro X has finally arrived and is ready for download. On the longest day of the year, Apple give us what we've been waiting for since that sneak peak back in April.

Go straight to the FCPX download for USA


Walter Biscardi's new facility opened this year and the question he gets asked the most is "What's in your edit suite?" In this BCM article Walter goes into great detail about his suites and even lists the suppliers.


What? At the recent meeting of the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group, FCP guru Larry said exactly that on stage. The four videos after the break are well worth a watch if you are going to be buying FCPX next week.


Yesterday we showed you the video of the first three of six editors talking about how they think FCPX will affect editing, training and the whole FCP ecosystem. Today it is the turn of the last three and a group discussion to round things off.


Graeme Nattress is a legend in the editing world, you've probably come across his excellent film look plugins. Today he's launched Chromagic, a colour correction plugin for Final Cut Pro that you can control with an iPad.


Everybody eagerly awaited the SuperMeet on the 12th of April in Las Vegas as the new Final Cut Pro was due to be unveiled to the audience. A lot has happened since: two months on, the show moves to London. Will FCPX make an appearance?


You might have become bored of twitpic screenshots by now, so we thought we would post these two FCPX discussion preview videos from MacVideo. How will it affect editors? What are the new features we should look out for? What about training? All covered in this presentation from June 9th.


Larry was the guy who coined the phrase "It's a jaw-dropper" when he had a preview of FCPX back in February. You can be sure he will have his Final Cut Pro X training sessions well prepared for his seminar on July 12.


15/6/11 Ripple Training Inc. issue cease and desist letters, MortGoldman2 twitter account suspended

14/6/11 MortGoldman2 continues to publish more screengrabs of FCPX

13/6/11 Another update. The owner of the screengrabs has contacted us or a second time to say that they images were obtained by·unauthorised access to his server. ·We will be more than happy to pass on any information you might have to help find the culprit.

A bit of a sad update. We have been contacted by the author of the screengrabs and have been asked to take them down. In the spirit of trying to keep the peace within the FCP ecosystem, we have decided not to continue displaying them or mention the originating company. However the genie has long left the bottle, we picked up the story some 3 hours after the pictures were uploaded and tweeted by MortGoldman2 (Family Guy character) to the world. The grabs were still there last time we looked but no doubt will be removed at some point. We also noted that MacRumours were running the story, so if you must see the grabs then please head over to their article.

You should never check your emails before you go to bed. Thank you to everybody who mailed in saying these new FCPX screengrabs have appeared online late on Sunday night. Doubtless more speculation from everybody tomorrow! More pics and links to original highres grabs after the break



The Technicolor CineStyle image style has caused quite a lot of excitement for Canon DSLR owners worldwide. Today Pomfort has offered Final Cut Pro users the chance to download the beta of their new DSLRLog2Video plugin to convert the footage to Rec.709.


On taking a closer look at the screengrabs from yesterday, we found out some interesting new functionality. Can we build our own effects, generators and transitions with the Motion5(X) FCPX partnership?