MBS Feb 3 2015

A whole range of subjects for this week's Ripple tutorials. Two from Mark on Motion and one from Steve with FCPX. All without an ELO gag too. (We were tempted but these tutorials came out of the blue.)

We are back to the full strength of the three Ripple tutorials this week. We start off with a new episode of MacBreak Studio. This time Mark Spencer shows Steve Martin how to animate a camera sweeping around an object in Motion using behaviours.

If you would like to watch more Motion tutorials from Mark, then this is a great time to head over to Ripple Training's brand spanking new website. A lot easier to navigate around plus they have decided to build their own player for the delivery of the tutorials rather than rely on iTunes. That means that the tutorials can be streamed to any device.



Mark is stepping' out on his own for his five minutes of Motion magic. This week he builds a field of animating data numbers. We think he should have worn a long leather coat and dark glasses for the full Neo look though!


Finally, Steve returns for his five minutes and this week he shines a little love into a dull sky right in Final Cut Pro X.