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In this week's MacBreak Studio we look at the importance of the order of effects within Final Cut Pro X and look at exporting H264 from DaVinci Resolve.

Some editors moaned when Apple announced that the color board had become an effect. They shouldn't have because FCPX was gaining functionality, not losing it!

In this week's MacBreak Studio, Steve Martin shows Mark Spencer why the colour board has become an effect, how to access it quickly and the benefits the new functionality brings.

Having the ability to place a colour correction anywhere in the effects 'stack' is a huge improvement, it was introduced in the 10.2 update. We have already seen many uses such as the multiple colour grading of green screen elements before and after a key. Also worth noting here is that some third party plugins can kill the alpha channel in the processing stack, so be careful.

A great tip from Steve, if you would like to know more about colour grading, make sure you check out his Color Grading in Final Cut Pro tutorial on the Ripple Training website.



Should you need to export H264 from DaVinci Resolve, then Alexis Van Hurkman has this five minute tip to show you how.