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FCP.Co Final Cut Pro Forum

Welcome to the FCP.co forum for Final Cut Pro. We launched the forum from scratch on one of the most monumental weeks of FCP's history, so buckle up and enjoy the ride! Remember to visit the FCP.co community for groups, events and more.
For all questions and answers about Apple's new editing software Final Cut Pro X
4504 Topics 32.7k Replies fb_100007648000988's Avatar
by fb_100007648000988
28 Jul 2014 02:48
The place for discussion about Apple hardware
94 Topics 866 Replies Darren Roark's Avatar
by Darren Roark
27 Jul 2014 18:51
Our world famous long list of free Final Cut Pro X effects, generators, transitions and titles.
Split Screen(8/187)
Text & Titles(48/182)
457 Topics 2161 Replies fb_1101728258's Avatar
by fb_1101728258
27 Jul 2014 21:22
A section for FCPX Tutorials, "How To's" and any other published training information
224 Topics 564 Replies RedChalice's Avatar
by RedChalice
24 Jul 2014 18:46
Apple and third party reference documents and links
32 Topics 110 Replies dgwvideo's Avatar
Last Post: Best FCPX plugins?
by dgwvideo
23 May 2014 03:05
1 Topics 0 Replies peteramwiggins's Avatar
by peteramwiggins
19 Jun 2014 10:43
Post your problems, advice and maybe even projects here in this Motion 5 section.
277 Topics 1244 Replies 20mChop's Avatar
by 20mChop
22 Jul 2014 12:02
Questions, problems, custom settings & droplets for Apple's Compressor
62 Topics 249 Replies augustheat's Avatar
by augustheat
16 Jul 2014 17:04
It's new, so we have a new section on the Forum!
26 Topics 138 Replies vordio's Avatar
by vordio
07 Jul 2014 10:24
The place for questions and answers about the original Final Cut pro up to version 7
241 Topics 613 Replies adamschoales's Avatar
by adamschoales
24 Jul 2014 20:41
Vendor specific sections for software, plugins hardware and other FCP related products
130 Topics 284 Replies niclasbahn's Avatar
by niclasbahn
16 Jul 2014 20:08
A place to show off your latest work edited in FCPX or FCP7 Remember, people like all the details!
301 Topics 1107 Replies Mickey G's Avatar
by Mickey G
27 Jul 2014 17:49
The place for everything else. Funnier the better.
492 Topics 2242 Replies fb_100007648000988's Avatar
by fb_100007648000988
28 Jul 2014 02:53
The site is ever evolving, we welcome your feedback, ideas or bugs with the site you've spotted.
62 Topics 203 Replies fb_100007648000988's Avatar
by fb_100007648000988
28 Jul 2014 02:52

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