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TOPIC: Does anyone use Lightroom with FcpX?

Does anyone use Lightroom with FcpX? 06 Sep 2015 14:20 #68093

  • iKitty2
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I mainly use Lightroom for all my photo's and now would like to incorporate it into my fcp preferences to import photo's just like you can use 'Photo" = Is anyone an expert that could guide me through the process...
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Does anyone use Lightroom with FcpX? 08 Sep 2015 11:29 #68176

  • BenB
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FCPX looks for Apple's standardized "System Libraries" to work with. Lightroom uses Adobe's database/library system. The two are not compatible. You'll simply have to export from Lightroom, and import into FCPX. You won't see the Lightroom library directly in the FCPX Photos pane.

But you could try to manually drag the Lightroom library into the Photos browser pane in FCPX, and see if it picks it up. My guess it that it won't.
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Does anyone use Lightroom with FcpX? 08 Sep 2015 16:38 #68190

  • ButchM
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Getting your images into FCP X from Lightroom isn't as easy as it was with Aperture/iPhoto in the past or with the Photos app for OS X ... but the workaround is quite easy and relatively painless.

You need to create a "Publish Service" to any attached local drive. Using the included plugin within Lightroom, you can designate a folder that will automatically hold the derivative files created in Lr for use in FCP X.

You can even make the Publish Service a smart folder type setup where you apply a specific set of star rating, color label and/or keywords and those images are automatically added to the queue for export to the designated folder.

Then you can add this folder to the to the Photos Browser then you can easily drag your exported Lr images to the timeline or the browser.

Once a project has been completed, the images in your Published folder can be removed from the collection in Lightroom for less clutter in that holding folder. Because FCP X adds any images used in FCP X to the specific Library in use, those images that have been used in any projects remain untouched. Removing those images inside Lightroom's collect will not cause any issues. (keep in mind, deleting these images from the Published Service folder will not remove them from their original location in the Lr Library either ... only the exported version)
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Does anyone use Lightroom with FcpX? 02 Nov 2015 05:17 #70128

  • DGB TO
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Thank you for that. I just tried it, and it wouldn't let me drag & drop from the Grid into the Publish Services folder I had created. Now... what I'm after is to be able to retain in FCPX the adjustments made within the 'Develop' pane in LR. Is that what I should be able to achieve here, or do I need to go aboat it differently? Thanks, D.
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