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TOPIC: add multiple selected RANGES to timeline

add multiple selected RANGES to timeline 11 Nov 2017 16:51 #91607

  • maxberlin
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Hey all,

so I spotted all my media (800 clips) and selected ranges on my favorite clips. I also rejected some clips but also did leave some clips untouched. Now I want only the ranged clips added to my timeline.

How do I add all (and only) ranged clips into the timeline? Obviously cmd+a also selects "unranged" clips as a whole, which I prefer not to add to the timeline.
Any of you guys can think of a trick so I don't have to manually select all the ranges?

Thanks in advance!!
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add multiple selected RANGES to timeline 12 Nov 2017 05:07 #91612

Welcome, Maximilian, to fcp.co :)
maxberlin wrote:
… selected ranges on my favorite clips…

hope, you not only hammered I/O into the keyboard, but F too…
Then, set your browser to 'Show Favorites only', cmd-A/select All and hit E - done.
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add multiple selected RANGES to timeline 12 Nov 2017 14:12 #91623

  • joema
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Apparently what you've done is mark a bunch of ranges then unselected them, leaving a thin yellow box. Now you're trying to select only the ranges you marked, but not the unmarked ranges. To my knowledge there's no single-step method of doing this.

The design of ranges is similar to Finder where you select several files out of a larger group of files. That is intended as a short-term selection which you then immediately take action on. In Finder you might move or tag those files you selected. If you accidentally deselect those files there's no method to select just those again. FCPX behaves similarly.

The intention of marking ranges in FCPX is you take immediate action on those such as tagging them favorite or keywording them. Keywords and ratings are persistent.

You can re-select multiple unselected ranges by CMD+click or you can draw a bounding box around multiple clips by click and drag. This re-selects just those ranges you draw the box around. You can select discontinuous groups by SHIFT+ click and drag. If you accidentally select a full clip you can de-select that via CMD+click. This is similar to how Finder works in icon view.

Immediately after re-selecting the ranges you marked you should tag those favorite or keyword them.

After tagging a group of ranges "favorite", you can save those as a keyword collection: show only favorites, CMD+A to select, then keyword those, then U to unfavorite them. This frees up the favorite tool for new use yet preserves all those you marked favorite.
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