garageband x new gem manual

Whilst strictly not an FCP topic, as Edgar Rothermich's GEM manuals are so good, we thought we would share the news of his new publication for GarageBand X.

long term fcpx mac pro test

It's been unboxed, boxed up, driven down motorways, plugged into Xsans, ISIS and numerous Thunderbolt drives. We have spent a lot of time with the new Mac Pro running FCP 10.1, so what are our long term findings?

upgrading processor macpro 2013

To be honest with you, we got nervous just watching this video. However, should you want to change the processor in the new Mac Pro or just get an idea of what's in the tube, this is a great 12 minute watch.

maclock macpro

Keep that metal tube on your desktop with this rather ingenious clamp and cable from Maclocks. The New Mac Pro Lock solves that security slot problem.