We all know that Final Cut's slow motion effects can be somewhat disappointing at times. That that ugly frame blending that is on by default is horrendous. In this slightly old but good Motion tutorial (Motion 3 but the process is the same in 4) Steve Martin from Ripple Training shows us how round tripping to Motion for its optical flow processing might be the answer. Want more? extra Optical Flow & retiming tutorials after the break

Ever wanted to simulate typing on a computer or mobile phone using a blinking cursor in Motion? Now you can after you've watched this Motion tutorial.

You've seen the awesome BMX videos posted here that slow down footage to 1000 fps using the optical flow plugin Twixtor. So why not use Motion instead? Watch the tutorial then see the result after the break.

Always nice to see a newcomer making tutorials for Apple ProApps products. In this tutorial Jimmy Lee from iMotion Video shows us how to add glows to animating text in Motion. Coloured snow flakes. Very seasonal.