REDCINE-X Professional launched The free app to prepare your RED files for FCP


Were you one of the ones waiting on the Reduser forum for the big announcement last night? Was it to be the much anticipated Scarlet? No, but it was a feature rich free update to REDCINE-X.

Last night Jim Jannard announced the availability of REDCINE-X Professional. The program prepares your native RED files into a format for your NLE of choice, not just Final Cut Pro. It is a 'Preview Release' for the Mac or Windows and as Jim says "There are a few known bugs and some features greyed out..." so maybe not for use on a mission critical job.

Interesting to us was the multitrack timeline as what RED have built isn't that far off an actual editing system. Are RED planning on offering a complete vertically integrated shoot to screen solution? 


Click to view a large two monitor screengrab

New features include:

* New Professional RCX with collapsible single window unified user interface
* Post effects Film Look, Unsharp Mask, etc (some features will be enabled soon)
* Stills workflow support - Grade and export virtual stills associated with your clips.
* Markers - Mark specific frames for easy retrieval and selective stills exporting.
* Dynamic Look control panel allowing you to customize your workspace.
* Greatly enhanced playback engine with full 3D framing support
* Metadata viewer pane (per frame metadata coming soon)
* HDRx + Stereo 3D Viewing at the same time.
* Full screen playback on second screen
* Full Screen Mode ( control - shift - F )
* Automatically downloaded updates
* Customizable control UI panes
* Double-wide control UI pane
* New post effects module
* Hierarchical bin folders
* Multi track Timelines
* New scaling engine
* Quick Help (H key)
* Stills rating system
* Export Rotation
* And lots more...


Mac Universal:

Windows 32 and 64 bit: