Were you one of the ones waiting on the Reduser forum for the big announcement last night? Was it to be the much anticipated Scarlet? No, but it was a feature rich free update to REDCINE-X.

Last night Jim Jannard announced the availability of REDCINE-X Professional. The program prepares your native RED files into a format for your NLE of choice, not just Final Cut Pro. It is a 'Preview Release' for the Mac or Windows and as Jim says "There are a few known bugs and some features greyed out..." so maybe not for use on a mission critical job.

Interesting to us was the multitrack timeline as what RED have built isn't that far off an actual editing system. Are RED planning on offering a complete vertically integrated shoot to screen solution? 


Click to view a large two monitor screengrab

New features include:

* New Professional RCX with collapsible single window unified user interface
* Post effects Film Look, Unsharp Mask, etc (some features will be enabled soon)
* Stills workflow support - Grade and export virtual stills associated with your clips.
* Markers - Mark specific frames for easy retrieval and selective stills exporting.
* Dynamic Look control panel allowing you to customize your workspace.
* Greatly enhanced playback engine with full 3D framing support
* Metadata viewer pane (per frame metadata coming soon)
* HDRx + Stereo 3D Viewing at the same time.
* Full screen playback on second screen
* Full Screen Mode ( control - shift - F )
* Automatically downloaded updates
* Customizable control UI panes
* Double-wide control UI pane
* New post effects module
* Hierarchical bin folders
* Multi track Timelines
* New scaling engine
* Quick Help (H key)
* Stills rating system
* Export Rotation
* And lots more...


Mac Universal:

Windows 32 and 64 bit: