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Final destination 5 vfx

This is slightly off topic and nearly a year old, but it's a fantastic side by side comparison video of camera originals next to the same shot with VFX added. We came across this video accidentally, but after watching it twice and pausing it many times, we thought that we would share.

***A word of warning, the video shows some pretty graphic scenes so it's probably worth taking as much care how you watch this as you would the movie itself. A lot of blood in places.***

Yes this did stop us in the office this morning for half an hour as we watched how the dramatic visual effects in Final Destination 5 were built up. Sometimes they start from nothing but a greenscreen and an actor.

In true Final Destination style, a premonition runs through all the pretty horrible things that will happen if the characters in the movie don't get off the plane/bus/boat e.t.c  Which is the cue for the director and VFX artists to construct the most ingenious and probably 'unfilmable' way that each actor gets killed!

There are many before and after greenscreen VFX videos out there, but this one goes through the entire bridge collapse scene showing the raw camera original next to the completed shot from the movie. 

Just remember when you watch, the tracking, 3D modelling, keying, rotoscoping and wire removal that went in to making the finished product.



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