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Normally when you attend a trade show, you know more or less what's going to be there and what will be the headline grabbers. So it's always nice to come across something unexpected and cool. Sony's Ci Mediacloud is such a product and it ties right in with FCPX.

How do you send videos to clients for review? Private Youtube or Vimeo videos, Dropbox or an Apple device flavoured copy? They might all work, but technology can make the process a lot easier for both producer and client.

Sony's Ci Mediacloud was announced at NAB 2013, but it wasn't really on our radar, we found it this time. What brought it to our attention was the ability to import markers that have been set in Ci, straight back not FCPX. This means all the annotations that clients place on the video online will be indicated on your project timeline. 

sony ci mediacloud

We would say that we gave this a try and everything worked perfectly. For us, it didn't as we had problems importing the XML back in to the Event. Maybe it was us as the HTML front end isn't the most intuitive we have used (no JKL) and the service does take time converting the uploaded footage before you can use it in any of the online apps.

On the bright side, Sony's Ci Mediacloud has tremendous potential. If Sony could write an export plugin for Final Cut Pro X then maybe the conversion would happen more quickly and the metadata would be taken over. 

The service is free at the moment for online storage of up to 5Gig, then a fairly reasonable charging plan comes into operation. $10 – $100 per month with 25GB to 100GB of storage.

We are going to have another go at cracking this one as we can see it saving us huge amounts of time in the future.

And finally, apologies to our cameraman's camera for losing focus. Rather ironic it was a Sony!