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FCPXGrill 100 episode

Chris Fenwick has been kicking out the FCPX podcasts on a regular basis. The 100th episode was an opportunity to do something different.

If you haven't heard Chris's excellent FCPX Grill podcasts before, then you've missed out on 99 episodes dedicated to our favourite NLE. The 100th episode is something slightly different as Chris decided to organise a Google Hangout and invite his previous guests on to the video show. Alas, our invite arrived too late to participate!

We have to congratulate Chris on getting to his 100th. (Podcast not birthday!) Producing a couple of hour-long episodes a week is not an easy task and certainly very time consuming.

You'll find some familiar faces on the 100th show. Alex Golner, Sam Mestman, Scott Simmons and Bill Davis for example are amongst the usual suspects.

The show lasts slightly over the usual hour, so grab a coffee and enjoy the chat. As an editor, having to watch the lip sync problem is annoying, but the repartee and enthusiasm more than make up for it.




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