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You've saved up for that really expensive L lens that Philip Bloom keeps banging on about, yet you are afraid to let it out of the house in case it gets damaged. Fear no more as these lens cases will make sure your precious piece of glass remains intact.

Yes these Beta Shells look tough, very tough. However I'm not going to be the one who tests my 50mm 1.2 L by dropping it down the side of a mountain, so here's is a bit of PR from the website:

Finally, a SLR lens case for your toughest photo assignments! Our patent pending BETA Shell™ lens cases take a serious approach to protecting your camera optics. Our water-tight rigid polymer shells are lined with vibration damping visco-elastic foam. This means total protection from moisture, impact, and extreme ambient temperatures. Travel with us, travel protected!

Nice, but I've got a funny feeling though that you might have a bit of trouble at airports.


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