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***Updated with Canon 5D Magic Lantern Firmware***

It seems everybody is after the HDR look these days. Now the lucky owners of some Canon DSLRs can shoot High Dynamic Range video with the new Magic Lantern firmware update.

So it has been a slow news day for FCP & FCPX recently and this popped up on a couple of sites and in an email sent to us. We first thought that we would be shooting HDR on our Canon 5D by the weekend, but no, this Magic Lantern firmware will only work with the 550D, 600D and the 60D. There is also a huge downside, the HDR is complied by shooting alternate frames at different ISO settings with the frames combined and 'tweened' in post. So forget fast moving action.


As you can see from the video, it's one hell of a fudge, but it does raise some interesting questions. Could this be modified to work on the 7D and other possible cameras with high framerates? That would then give a true HDR frame per frame output after post. Of course the two differently exposed images will have a temporal difference, but maybe HDR isn't really the tool for fast moving subjects such as sport anyway.

What is interesting to us here is that DSLR's seem to be gaining video features all the time, technology is trickling its way down into the most humble of DSLRs out there. This can only be good news for the budget conscious filmmaker.

Would we run the firmware on our Canon if it was available? Now there's a question...

Updated. Well now there is a version for the 5D coming soon. Magic Lantern for the Canon 5D mk11

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