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OK so here's the thing, you go and shoot with your DSLR, but now you've got to get your source files into an editable format for FCP. So cue a big fat file transfer. Wouldn't you prefer to simplify the system and record direct from to the Timeline? So here it is: the Atomos Ninja, which by-passes in-camera compression to record straight from the HDMI connector of your DSLR or camcorder directly to Apple ProRes. All the spec after the break.

Here's all the spec for the Ninja:

Dimensions (without Batteries) 112(W)x83(H)x40(D)mm
Operating Power approx 6.8W (screen on)
approx 6.3W (screen off)
2 x Small 31.7 Wh 4.5 hrs recording
2 x Medium 63.4 Wh 9 hrs recording
2 x Large 126.7 Wh 18 hrs recording
Automatic and manual switchor of battery for continuous operation
Colour 16:9 TFT Touch Screen
Size 4.3” diagonal
Resolution 480x270
Aspect Ratio 16:9 Native / 4:3 Letterbox
Video Input HDMI Uncompressed
Supported Input Formats HD 1080i59.94, 1080i50, 1080p25, 1080p24, 1080p23.98, 720p59.94, 720p50, SD 480i, 576i
Recording Time
all video input formats supported
ProResHQ 3hrs 5hrs 7.5hrs 77min 2.5hrs
ProRes422 4.5hrs 7.5hrs 11.5hrs 2hrs 4hrs
ProResLT 6.5hrs 11hrs 16.5hrs 3hrs 4.5hrs
Audio Input HDMI 2 Channel or 6 Channel Embedded
Line In 2 Channel Line Level Audio. Analog gain adjustment
Audio Output 2 Channel 0.5W Balanced Headphone or Line level output.
LANC LANC In and Out for integration with Camera LANC and Accessories
LANC Controller feature
LANC Loop feature

Now ready for shipping. Find out more here.

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