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A treat this morning. No new products, no plugins, not even a new lens flare pack, just some great examples of 4K RED work that has been post produced in FCPX. Grab a coffee (you will get thirsty) and enjoy!

We featured Logan Kelsey's visually stunning Marty Knapp film earlier this year on FCP.co and looking at the stats, it proved to be exceptionally popular. So we were very excited when Logan sent us an email with links to some new projects that he's been busy working on.

Before we post the videos, if you would like to know more about Logan's background, how he shoots on RED and how the videos are edited in FCPX, please check out the Marty Knapp post for detailed information.


On to the new films..

First is 'Meet Jeremy' from the Tellason Stories series. (We just might abandon our Lucky Jeans only policy here in the office.)

'Jeremy is a coffee craftsman and the owner of Four Barrel Coffee in San Francisco. He is dedicated to sourcing the best seasonal single-farm-origin beans from around the world and coupling that with impeccable roasting. We also learned that he is a tireless entrepreneur who regularly works 60-80 hours a week in pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee.'


Also from the same series is Meet Todd.

'Todd is a brilliant photographer, artist, graphic designer and motorcycle builder who loves to document two-wheeled adventures with a camera.'


And finally from Logan is a short film from the Kitsbow video series.  

'To explore the meaning of mountain biking, we met up with Scot Nicol at his home in Northern California. Scott’s vision, experience and offbeat sense of humor have molded Ibis Cycles into the inspiration that it is today.'


We have to say thank you to Logan for sharing these with us. Great stories, well shot and well edited. You can't get much better than that.



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