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pomplamoose video fcp7

Stop whatever you are doing and take three minutes to watch this amazing music video from Pomplamoose. We get tired even thinking about the amount of work that went into making it on FCP7! Very clever.

We don't like to copy articles from other websites, but this one is worth the steal and we're sure that our friends at HDWarrior won't mind.

American music duo Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn make up Pomplamoose who publish and sell their music online. They've been featured on the frontpage of YouTube for their innovative music videos.

It's not the first time we have seen a huge amount of effort in Final Cut Pro 7 utilised for a music video. We featured André Chocron's video for Norwegian band Cold Mailman. That took 2 weeks to shoot and 3 months to edit!

How long the preparation took for the shoot of Happy Get Lucky (A Pharell Williams and Daft Punk mashup) by Pomplamoose took, we don't know. We would guess at rather a long time. What we do know is the shoot and post production would have been over pretty quickly!

A great creative music video. Enjoy.