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Filmed at NAB 2011, this documentary film "seeks to find out what unites us as independent filmmakers who use the latest breed of relatively affordable digital tools." Watch the 'DSLRebrity' studded trailer after the break.

The Moby track and timelapses are already clichés and we hope they use some less tired production techniques in the final production. Need Creative corralled quite a few 'names' to appear in the documentary though: Kevin Shahinian, Cristina Valdivieso, Jon Connor (no sign of a T101), Vincent Laforet, Mick Jones, Julia Swain, Robin Schmidt, Jared Abrams, Ben Eckstein and Philip Bloom to name a few. Let's hope there is real substance in the final version, we are all in favour of less gear talk videos.

The film is due for release in the summer.

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