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Sound is always the poor twin in the editing family so it's always nice to find a video where the sound drives the action. Our video offering to you in its normal friday slot is this clever mix of ordinary sounds into music.

Mateusz Zdziebko's video has already received nearly 450,00 views on Vimeo and quite rightly. Although he probably made the soundtrack on a DAW, the video was shot an a Canon 5D mkII as you can probably tell from that shallow depth of field.

"This is an example, how to use the basic stuff in your room in such creative and musician way. Just take some noisy and voiced objects and record them with any sampler. At the end use all this stuff to create any music u desire. Or... You even don't need any sampler. Just use your friends, give them gadgets and transform your party into gizmo-jam-session. I can guarantee much fun. Enjoy!"