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Some Friday inspiration for us all. Shot on a RED camera and edited in Final Cut Pro X, 'Digitals' is a unique short musical from Chris Crutchfield. 

It's nice to find a short film out there that doesn't include somebody walking up to a camera with a gun or any of the other visual clichés that seem to be mandatory for small scale filmakers. These days originality stands out.

Chris Crutchfield made this short after being bombarded by his... Well we won't give the game away, but we'll let Chris introduce his work.

"One day I got an email, an sms, a phone call, a Facebook message and two tweets all within about 5 seconds of one another. This video is a re-manifestation of my brain's interpretation of that event. #trustory'

Shot on RED, all sounds sampled on ZoomH4N, then composed in Logic + Reason4, edited in FCPX. We liked it a lot.

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