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Michael Padilla from VisualMasterpiece got in contact with us as his latest showreel was edited completely in Final Cut Pro X. Impressive stuff and we've even got a BTS video on how they shoot a wedding.

If you need any more pointers to how fast our industry is changing, take a look at VisualMasterpiece's latest reel. The combination of DSLR's and now codec friendly FCPX opens up huge creative possibilities that can be turned around in a short period of time for a SDE or NDE.

VisualMasterpiece jumped on FCPX on day one and have stayed with it as their choice of editing program, as Michael puts it 'We were nuts right?' He is also right in saying his industry is a perfect match for FCPX.

So enjoy the reel, it's not to often we see a wedding that has an elephant and a tiger in it too. (Not that we are condoning animals in cages here.)


We are always keen to showcase work that has been edited in Final Cut Pro X or 7. If you have a production that merits a post, please let us know, the information is on our Contact page.

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