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We got so excited when Kirby Ferguson's final part of the remix series was released, we just wanted to post it straight away. But before we hit the publish button, we thought we would save if for an off topic Friday watch. Brilliant.

We have been waiting over 6 months for the final episode to this brilliant series and it doesn't disappoint. The final part has only been out a week yet it has already notched up over 250,000 views on Vimeo alone. Full credit to Kirby for producing such a well researched and executed short documentary series. They have made a refreshing change from the normal run of the mill short films that get posted online.

If you are in the television, video or film business then these are well worth taking the time to watch. You'll be surprised at how many 'original ideas' were in fact copies or indeed 'remixes' of other works.


Kirby is now working on his next project, 'This is Not a Conspiracy Theory' and if you've enjoyed the remix series, you can help fund the production through Kickstarter. He is up to $30,000 of the $48,000 he needs already.

If you haven't seen the other three parts of 'Everything is a Remix' then you are in for a real treat. We've listed them here, 1 to 3 from the top down. Our opinion of Black Sabbath has changed...


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