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What did Shane's NAB video from yesterday start? After two conversations in the office and 3 emails, we thought we would go looking for the infamous 'Kiki Wipe.' We found the wipes and probably the best ever demo video (erhem) you'll see for a computer that handles video. Yes it's Friday.

After our first story for Friday got postponed and the second story in the queue was to feature a company that has its website down, we thought we were a bit low on luck. So why not try to answer the question of what exactly does a Kiki Wipe look like?

We will come to the wipes later, as the first video we found about the NewTek Video Toaster has to be shared. Half scripting genius and half cheese, this demo video from the early 90's has strange parallels to today. Funny how the phrase 'Paradigm Shift' gets a mention too. The original Toaster didn't have non-linear editing, it was a digital switcher with extras such as Lightwave that was later spun off as a standalone product.

Just remember this is over 8 years before Final Cut made its first shy appearance in a whisper suite at NAB.


Second up and as promised the Toaster Version 2.0 video features KikI wipes. Animating silhouettes of Kiki Stockhammer were used as overlays and key edges for transitions. The Toaster was originally built on the Amiga and through time has evolved into the custom hardware based NewTek Tricaster. The Tricaster was being demoed at NAB 2012 by... yeup you've guessed, Kiki.

The wipes are at about 44 seconds in.

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