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kammes wedding 3d

We don't think we've covered a marriage proposal here before on FCP.co and it makes a happy change from the rather depressing news from yesterday. When industry guru Michael Kammes proposed, he did it with style and in three dimensions...

Michael works as a technology & workflow consultant at Key Code Media. He might look familair from a few appearances here on FCP.co in industry panel chats. One of them had that great teaser film.

Some people choose to do it in a restaurant, some people do it in a hot air balloon, Michael chose to propose to his girlfriend Kate Miller in 3D and record the result in 3D. Looks like they both had a lot of fun doing it too.

Sad to say the video was post produced in Avid, but on the basis these events don't happen everyday we think it easily makes it to our frontpage.

Now onto the embedding problem...  We don't think YouTube will toggle the 3D on when we embed the video at 600 pixels wide. You'll need to watch the video on the actual YouTube page to get the depth.

You'll also need some of these Red/Green anaglyph glasses to watch the moment in 3D


May we offer Michael & Kate our congratulations and best wishes for the future. The debate on how the wedding video will be made is going to be an interesting one!

Here's how Michael put the video together.

"In a nutshell: I shot a video to propose to her in 3D, edited the video in 3D, showed it to her in 3D, and filmed her reaction in 3D. Got that? This was uploaded in 3D, so if the video looks funky, toggle to 2D viewing beneath the playhead. Hey, I'm not gonna exclude those of you who are still holding out.

I'm a technology consultant here in L.A., and a good chunk of my time is spent consulting on 3D workflows. So, when I decided to propose, I thought what better way than to propose in 3D. I hadn't seen it done before - and that's enough for me.

I was shot on a green screen in 3D, then was 'inserted' into 3D weather footage. As I was planning this, I told Kate I needed to speak at a conference and needed to run the presentation by her to see how it flowed. The topic - '3D Immersion' allowed me to pull some old fashion 3D gags...and catch her completely off guard.


Nerd details: I used a low grade JVC TD-1 to shoot me on a green screen. The JVC shoots MVC encoded MP4. Used MVCtoAVI to convert both the JVC and 3D weather footage into L & R Cineform files. Each eye was then pulled into After Effects, where Christian Glawe worked his 3D magic to set me within the 3D space, along with some particles, color work, and blurring. I then used Avid 6.0 on a Mac to import each eye into DNX 175x. Created stereoscopic clips and edited. AMA of the raw files was just a massive pain.

Exported a 2D version to cut FX to in Pro Tools 10. Sound was shot dual system; no XLR on the JVC camera.

Graphics are from Screen Candy via Enhanced Dimensions.

Monitored on a JVC 463D10. Passive, as the TV Kate was going to view it on is also passive. And wearing a heavy set of glasses on top of my own glasses is lame. 3D weather footage courtesy David Cole, via Bob Kertesz and the CML. Vince Rocca was my DP, grip, snow man, rain man, and love coach.

Key Code Media provides me with just about any piece of gear I need, as they employ me...and are now only PART owners of my eternal soul."





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