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An early Christmas present. Michael Horton from the LACPUG has found the tapes from a 2006 interview with the film editor Dede Allen. Two hours of industry insight behind the editing of some big Hollywood films.

Back in 2006 before the F was dropped from the LAFCPUG, Michael Horton had the pleasure of interviewing the film editor Dede Allen. The tapes got lost or misplaced and only resurfaced recently. The almost two hour interview has just been published.

Unfortunately Dede passed away in 2010, but this interview is a great record of her experiences and knowledge from editing some of the great Hollywood films of the late twentieth century. Classics such as The Hustler, Bonnie & Clyde, Dog Day Afternoon and others make up a pretty impressive list of credits on IMDB. She was also nominated for an Academy Award three times for Best Editing.

The four videos add up to just under two hours and slightly ironically, as Dede started off as a sound editor, the audio quality isn't great. Nevertheless, a great and entertaining watch and some chat about Final Cut Pro too.


Part 1 "I couldn't get into picture editing because the head of Editorial at Columbia didn't believe women should get into editing."


Part 2 "You can't break the rules until you know the rules."


Part Three "The important thing is to always let them think they know it is THEIR idea."


Part Four "I was lucky. I got to work with fine directors. It wasn't my picture, it was their picture. I was only one of the people who helped them interpret it. Which is my job."


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