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nab south hall fcpx 2014

It's the first day of NAB 2014 and the news and rumours about new products has started already. They are mainly about cameras, a New Sony 4K DSLR, a possible new Blackmagic camera and the big news of the new $9,000 AJA Cion 4K camera.

Let us start off with one of the bigger pieces of news. Images have leaked out ahead of the official Press Conference of the new AJA 4K Cion camera. Priced at below $10,000, one thing it has got a lot of is connectivity, including Thunderbolt we have heard.

Picture courtesy of Kevin Fitzgerald on Twitter @BrownEnvelope

aja cion 4k nab 2014


We are at the official AJA Press Conference later today and will have more information as soon as we can. It makes sense AJA following in the footsteps of Blackmagic by branching out into the camera market. How long it will be before users get the cameras in their hands is another matter as we have seen long delays from other manufacturers.

We have heard rumours of a new Blackmagic camera, a larger format but that is all we know. We should have more information after their Press Conference which happens shortly after the AJA press breakfast. (Watch out for the line of journos walking between events!)

a7S 4k mirrorless nab 2014

And finally on the camera front and definitely not a rumour, Sony has released the full frame mirrorless A7S, which is meant to be great in low light situations. 

Just take a look at this rather pin sharp video that was shot on the A7S - make sure you view fullscreen and toggle the resolution to 4K. We were impressed, although we would have started the video without the low light stuff being at the top. The camera can also output an uncompressed signal at 4K (3840 x 2160) to third-party recorders.

For more information, go to the Sony blog.


Interesting that the news is all about cameras so far, hopefully there will be more post production headliners later today.


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