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You've been thinking about purchasing a Sony PMW-F3, a great camera at a great price, but then you factor in the cost of putting some prime lenses on this mother of all cameras, and suddenly you're retreating back to your DSLR double-quick time. Well think again those old Nikons you've got hanging around might just do the job. More after the break.

Stockholm's Ola Chistoffersson at Kamrat.tv has written a very instructive blog on the F3 breaking down a variety of lenses  on ergonomics, image quality and price. Read it to find out how you might just be able to use those old Nikons or that cheap Sigma at the bottom of your lens bag to get great results.

Here's a video shot with the F3 and using cheap Nikon mount lenses with the MTF F3/Nikon-adapter. Towards the end of the piece there are some nice low light shots. Please note that the fastest lens Ola used was only f2.5 and most shots don't have any gain.

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