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Jealous yes, very. Matthew Allard of Al Jazeera took delivery of a Sony F3 model number 00002 and immediately put it to work. How did it perform?

**Update 2/3/11 Firmware update & news of a 8K sensor Sony camera possibly to be shown at NAB**

We are a big fan of Matthews' blog here at FCP.co so we won't blow all his info by just cutting and pasting. However I'm sure he won't mind us posting some of the salient points. What is interesting is his comparison with DSLRs.

I have been very happy with the image out of the 5D mkII and the F3 certainly has a very different look to it than the DSLRs. It does look more like video on the standard settings and that’s because it is a video camera. The F3 is incredibly sharp on the standard settings and the detail is incredible. It can be made to look more like a 5D mkII but that requires a lot of tweaking and bringing the sharpness way down.

The other night I had a spare ten minutes and did a very quick low light test comparing it to the 5D mkII. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I had heard early reports that it wasn’t as good as a 5D mkII in low light, but after speaking to a leading DOP in Japan who had thoroughly tested the camera in conjunction with Sony he and told me that the F3 was better in low light – hence I was optimistic. Both the cameras were on standard picture profiles, both on roughly the same focal length and both using similar lenses (Nikon 80-200mm f2.8 on the F3 and a 70-200mm IS f2.8 on the Canon 5D) and both on 1/60th shutter. I was amazed at how much better the F3 was than the 5D. I’m sure both cameras can be tweaked to perform even better so don’t take this test as gospel. I am also sure after writing this I will get a legion of 5D mkII users writing in to complain that its not a accurate test. I am an avid user of the 5D mkII and love its abilities in low light but from actually using the F3 in the real world it blew me away with the sort of conditions I could shoot in.

Be sure to head over to his blog for the full story and many more interesting articles on DSLR shooting. Here is the vimeo clip comparing the F3 with the 5D. I know we have posted this before but i think it's worth another look now we have some more background information.


Hot news from Sony, they are previewing an 8K sized sensor camera  - Lets hope we can see that monster at NAB

From Film & Digital Times

In normal mode, the new Sony 4K camera will shoot from 1-72 fps. In HFR (High Frame Rate) mode, she’ll go from 1-120 fps.
A 1 TB Memory Card recording at 24 fps will store about an hour of footage. A dockable SR Memory Card Recorder can attach to the camera for recording directly to an SR Memory Card of 256 MB, 512 MB or 1 TB. I imagine that other recording options will become available, both onboard as an accessory digital magazine and tethered by cable in a separate case. Debayering for instant viewing or playback  will be available with external real time hardware.


I think what makes this new camera possible is the fact that Sony manufactures the five secret sauces essential to practical 4K: sensor, storage, software, station, and screening. Sony makes the 8K sensor that subsamples to 4K. That’s a significant amount of headroom; higher resolution from this sensor might be seen in the future. Storage: Sony makes the SR Memory Cards–they have an impressive 5 Gbps sustained data rate. Station: Data from the SR Memory Card is downloaded, cloned, and copied via Sony’s SRW-5800/2 deck. Software: Sony announced that Avid, Final Cut Pro and other major editing systems will handle all this. Finally, Sony’s 4K digital projectors have been installed in more than 7500 theaters worldwide.

Also there is a PMW-F3 firmware upgrade available, Dual Link RGB / S-Log / 3G / Pre-Loaded 4 LUTS & 5 User LUT's for monitoring in S-Log mode, approx $3500.00

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