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Nigel Cooper at DVuser was a lucky man, he managed to get his hands on the new Sony NEX-FS100E before its grand announcement yesterday. Another post DSLR large sensor 5D killer? Links and a Sony demo video after the break.

It seems like there is a new camera announced every week so far this year! I suppose we are in the run up to NAB and all the manufacturers want to get their latest attempt at a '5D killer' launched. There also seems to be a bit of competitiveness going between websites with reviewing these things. Nigels' review of the NEX-FS100E over on DVuser is billed as the "first official full review of Sony’s all-new NEX-FS100E film-like HD camcorder." That may be so, but knowing Nigel and having read his article, it will probably be the best too.

We not going to steal his traffic, so I urge you to go over to DVuser for the review. I'm pretty sure though he won't mind us reproducing some of his summary comments:

"There are just too many things missing from the FS100, no HD/SDI output, no ND filter wheel, only one card slot. It's like Sony have taken the F3 and stripped it of any worthwhile features and functions to keep it well away from the F3’s market. The FS100 is stripped of all the sensible functionality a cameraman actually needs. Sony’s old VX1000 even had a built in ND filter switch and that camera is from the dark ages in the grand scheme of video camcorder technology. I really wanted the FS100 to be a great little camcorder, but it is just not to be. For me, the FS100 is a huge let down. The only thing it has going for it is image quality, which is marginally better than the AF101, but still not as good as Sony’s own EX1/3."

If you want to know who was consulted about the camera design, then take a look a this Sony video.