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Volvo S60 Ad shot on 5D Mark II

So here's the easy bit take a bloke, a very fast bloke, one used to driving fast cars, blindfold him, and make him drive a Volvo S60 very fast blind around a race circuit. Read more after the break to get your full fix of camera porn!

OK so Volvo has a reputation as a conservative brand; this campaign is apparently to challenge people’s current perceptions and open their minds to a brand that has added performance, handling, style and innovation to it’s already impeccable safety credentials. That's the official blurb over.

Now what we're really interested in is how the shoot happened, and kindly enough there's also a how to video to go along with the actual advert. NZ Photographer Paul Jones Directs & DP’s the Volvo ad.

Let's face it, it's always nice to indulge in a bit of camera porn every now and again. Here's the how-it-was-made video.

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