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Covering The protests in Egypt with a 5D and FCP

DSLR News Shooter have just shared this story from Sky News, which was originally posted by London based camera man Duncan Sharp. Duncan used a 5DmkII to film some remarkable footage. Not just the perfect tool for the job, a DSLR was the only tool for the job given that the Egyptian authorities wouldn't let ENG cameras into the country. 

UPDATE: New video after the break

You can find out more from Duncan's original story here. DSLR News Shooter is here.

Here's the spec:

Camera and Lens: only a 5DmkII and 24-105mm IS lens, with no rig and no Z-finder.

Audio:  a Tascam DR-100 recorder and a Sennheiser mic.

Editing: Lexar FW800 CF Card Reader - log and transfer using EOS plugin into Final Cut

UPDATE: This is the final video of Duncan's report on the Egyptian Revolution.