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Using a 5D in a warzone

Imagine filming in a war zone with a DSLR in extreme temperatures and terrifying conditions. Well Danfung Dennis does. He's  been producing incredible work from Afghanistan where he works as an embedded photojournalist.  He is currently working on his own documentary, Battle for Hearts and Minds, as well as having his footage featured on PBS Frontline.

Here are some of the technical details from his blog for DSLR News Shooter:

"The first problem is with audio. I used a Sennheiser ME- 66 shotgun mic and G2 wireless system running into a Beachtek DXA-2s (I’ve since upgraded to a Juicedlink CX-231 with the Magic Lantern hack) which converts professional XLR mics into a minijack suitable for the 5D. I built custom aluminum ‘wings’ in a workshop to hold this audio setup.

The second problem is stabilization. The design of the 5D Mark makes hand held video shooting difficult. I mounted my whole system onto a Glidecam 2000 HD with custom rubber pads on the mount and a foam ear plug to suppress the vibration of the the lens. The rig is very heavy and it took about two months to get my arm strong enough to shoot extended shots. I cut up a Glidecam Body Pod to make it fit with my body armor and used it to rest my arm when I was not shooting.

I carried six extra batteries and five 16 GB Sandisk Extreme IV cards."

He's also competing at Sundance. Go here To Hell And Back Again for more details.

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