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Shooting at either end of the 5D spectrum. From pin sharp 3D to a lo-fi $25 Holga Lens

Shooting 3D with two Canon 5D MkIIs? Apparently it was difficult to achieve because of the GenLock problem, but not for Damian Steck when he produced his Eyes Wide Open film in pin sharp stereoscopic 3D. Pin sharp that is if you're wearing your 3D specs for this anaglyph version. More after the break including news about the Holga.

Apart from shooting 3D on two Canon 5Ds to showcase the Ritz Carlton in Dubai, what we find particularly interesting is that the graphics have been positioned in 3D space, so was a 3D tracker used? It's an effect you can expect to see a lot more of in the near future. 

For those of you without the special glasses to view this video, Damian has been kind enough to post two other versions, one to watch normally, and another which shows the side by side perspective of the two 5Ds, and it's complete with graphics. You can go here to see these videos. (Removed by Vimeo)

At the other end of the spectrum is the Holga. Now the medium format 120 film toy camera is well known for its low-fidelity aesthetic, but on a 5D? This Chinese manufacturer has clearly got its finger on the DSLR pulse, and they've produced a range of lenses that can help display all the distortions so beloved by many photographers.

If you're interested in investing in some low cost lenses for your 5D then go here.

Some Holga enthusiasts like G+E are so enamored of the toy camera feel, that they've already made their own DSLR adapters. This is an example of the sort of stuff we can expect to see.

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