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You get asked to shoot & edit a wedding, which lenses should you use on your DSLR?


Whilst waiting for a render to finish in FCP, a colleague mentioned that he had been 'volunteered' to shoot and edit a wedding video. The first big question after 'Why they heck did you volunteer me?' is 'What lenses do I need?'

Maybe it's because nearly every editor we know owns a 5D or 7D that we seem to be an easy target for friends and family to want us to film & edit social events like weddings. "Bob works in video and he has this expensive camera that shoots HD video, I'll ask him if he would like..."  They don't understand that these days shooting a wedding is a bit more than rolling up with a camera and shooting from the back. There are many wedding video companies out there who make simply stunning films, take a look at Eric Kmetz of Epic Motion whose work we featured on FCP.co back in January.

So to return to the discussion which inevitably ended on what lens or lenses should you choose to shot a wedding with. Luckily, the guys who produce the Stillmotion blog asked the same question and decided to illustrate what's needed with this rather excellent tutorial.


Interesting that it looks like the monopod is an essential piece of wedding kit. (Not a euphemism!) The Stillmotion folks think the same and have produced a video that should have been called "Five great monopod tips."