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A Phantom Flex, An Arri Alexa and two GoPro Heroes


Three videos of three completely different cameras, three different uses for three different users. We started this post with Rick Young from MacVideo being shot at 4,000 FPS but though we'd add a few more videos to make a roundup.

With all the excitement about FCPX being able to process video down to 1% speed, it's important to relalise it's just a trick, a clever one but it is 'inbetweening' frames. To shoot true ultra slomotion you need a camera with a very high framerate like the Phantom Flex. Rick Young from MacVideo caught up with Phiroze Dalal from Vision Research to take a look and star in this video!

rick_young_macvideo_flexAh, well we would have embedded the video but there seems to be an access problem. For the moment you'll have to watch it over on Rick's MacVideo page.

Somebody who does allow embedding is Tom Guilmette and he posted a Phantom Flex video about blowing things up in slomotion.


Onto the Arri Alexa and AbelCine have turned the Alexa into a 'One man band run and gun' camera by adding sound recording and an ENG lens. Annoying LED meters too.


And finally these two guys chat about their GoPro Heroes. Made us think we should buy one of those chest mounts when we're off to Disneyland with the kids. Then again maybe not.

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